My Pets Carnival​

Slide with your Pets

 Be prepare to catch them in action! Role up and down, here they are again! Get your camera ready!

Photo Gallery

Time to move their legs

 Why hide their gifted talents? Discover more than you ever know.

Beauty & the Pets

​​ ​Discover how your pets shine on the catwalk runway, like a superstar. Flash Flash!

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Pets Parade


The superheroes are on the move! Remember to get some tissues ready, in case they make you cry from laughing!



Do you treat your pets as one of the family? If yes, Then this is the event for you and your family to have fun together.


But it’s not necessary to be alone because there's lots to cheer and lots to hear. Gear up for the Carnival and come to enjoy the fun.

So let's be merry, dancing wild and smiling big. Applicable for you, kids and pets!


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